Bobcat Learning Center

Bobcat Learning Center is an after school program for academic support and enrichment offered Monday through Thursday from 2:50 - 5:00 p.m. The daily schedule of the Bobcat Learning Center is:


2:50-3:00 - Snack (Cafeteria)

3:00-3:05 - Transition

3:05-3:55 - Enrichment time (Clubs, Hilltop Scholars, Leadership class) or Extended Learning Opportunity (assigned by teacher)

3:55-4:00 - Transition

4:00-5:00 - Learning Center (Library)

4:00-4:05 - SSR (Sustained Silent Reading & Binder Check)

4:05-4:10 - Announcements

4:10-4:45 - Work Time/Educational Activities (Options: Homework, IXL Math or Language Arts, organize binder/backpack, read quietly)

4:45-4:55 - Free Time/Non-educational Activities (Options: Board games, computers, gym/outdoor activities, crafts)

4:55-5:00 - Pack Up/Bus Time Walkers, Parent Pick-Up, Public Transportation

Optional Trinity Leraning Center - Trinity Presbyterian Church offers afterschool programming on Fridays from 2:05-4:30p.m.

The first day of the Bobcat Learning Center is TBD Any questions call 571-7700.


In order for your student to be able to participate please complete the following paperwork​