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Staff List

Name Position Email Phone Website
Brandt, Christine Principal & COVID Site Supervisor Email 253-571-7755  
Knuckles, Michael Interim Principal Email 253-571-7757  
Kang, Anna Assistant Principal Email 253-571-7695 Website 
Allen, Kim Office Coordinator Email 253-571-7699  
Andersen, Erin Counselor-A-K Email 253-571-7754 Website
Barrera, Joseph SPED Teacher Email 253-571-7678 Website 
Baughman, Dawn Teacher Librarian Email 253-571-7717 Website 
Brandt, Cindy Occupational Therapist Email 253-571-7711 Website 
Bruner, Larissa Language Arts Teacher SPED Email 253-571-7701 Website 
Davila, Taylor ELL and Spanish Teacher Email 253-571-7706 Website 
Dietrich, Johannah Drumline and Band Teacher Email 253-571-7688 Website 
Edmundson, Paulette Nutrition Specialist Email 253-571-7746  
Everett, Nichol Social Studies Teacher Email 253-571-7708 Website 
Frazier, Pam Edge Coach Email 253-571-7752  
Gallerson, Kojuan Security Email 253-571-7744  
Grassia-Ouren, Antonia Para Educator Email 253-571-7701  
Gross, Valerie Para Educator Email 253-571-7674  
Guerrero, Susan Speech Therapist Email 253-571-7730 Website 
Hall, Kathleen Science Teacher Email 253-571-7712 Website 
Harkness, Jon P.E. Teacher Email 253-571-7686 Website 
Harris, Tom Custodian Email 253-571-7735  
Jackson, Season Science Teacher Email 253-571-7714 Website 
Jordan, Reece Para Educator Email 253-571-7674  
Karlstrom, Amy Language Arts Teacher Email 253-571-7723 Website 
Keller-Danilson, Krystal Math Teacher Email 253-571-7725 Website 
Kelley, Tom TLC Teacher Email 253-571-7706 Website 
Liston, Kara SPED Teacher Email 253-571-7674 Website 
Lund, Tony Science/Health Teacher Email 253-571-7734 Website 
Marion, Jamar SPED Reading and Math Teacher Email 253-571-7721 Website 
Miller, Debbie PE Teacher/Athletic Director Email 253-571-7687 Website 
Mladenich, Sadie Language Arts Teacher & AVID Email 253-571-7727 Website 
Mouer, Jason Glassblowing Email 253-571-7700 Website 
Munoz, Geno Counselor L-Z Email 253-571-7753 Website
Neely, Christine Math Teacher Email 253-571-7733 Website 
Newman, Natalie SPED Math Teacher Email 253-571-7722  
Newton, Gabriel Science Teacher Email 253-571-7682 Website 
Nordi, Lynne Attendance Specialist Email 253-571-7749  
Norton, Charmaine

Language Arts &
Washington State History

Email 253-571-7707 Website 
Piercy, Greg Glassblowing Email 253-571-7700 Website 
Prosser, Ryan Interim Assistant Principal Email 253-571-7709 Website 
Reeves, Darrin Math Teacher Email   Website 
Rogers-Kelly, Sarah Language Arts Teacher Email 253-571-7703 Website 
Ronhovde, Patty Guitar and Orchestra Teacher Email 253-571-7685 Website 
Sage, Jamie Language Arts/Science Teacher Email    
Sayer, Andrew Math Teacher Email 253-571-7672 Website 
Scalise, Samantha Glassblowing Email 253-571-7700 Website 
Schneider, Chelsea Science Teacher, Mentors, ASB Email 253-571-7732 Website 
Simons, Jamie Math Teacher Email 253-571-7705 Website 
Stegeman, Catherine Art Teacher Email 253-571-7691 Website 
Stewart, Kendra Guidance Secretary Email 253-571-7740  
Van Guse Gabriel Washington State History &
Human Geography
Email 253-571-7704 Website 
Ware, Terrell Science Teacher Email 253-571-7684 Website 
West, Micah Language Arts Teacher Email 253-571-7677 Website 
Whitlock, Ryaan Language Arts Teacher Email 253-571-7724 Website 
Woo, Quintin Technology Teacher Email 253-571-7683 Website 
Zhang, Esther Psychologist Email 253-571-7751