2022-2023 School Supply Lists

All students who attended a Tacoma school last year were issued a district laptop. If you are new to Tacoma Public Schools, please come into our office to check out a laptop. Students must bring their laptop to school every day. It is imperative that laptops get charged before coming to school.

Required Supplies

·       District issued laptop and charger. It is imperative that students charge their laptops overnight to ensure that they are ready to be used at school. Students are expected to bring their district issued laptop to school every day.

·       Backpack to carry laptop to and from school and to carry the laptop during the school day. Students are expected to carry their laptop in a backpack whenever transitioning around the school. Students will have an assigned locker to use as needed.

·       Binder (2 – 3 inches)

·       Dividers for binder

·       Headphones that work with your district issued laptop

·       Pencil Pouch

·       Pencils

·       Pens (Black or Blue)

·       Highlighters (3 different colors)

·       Colored pencils

·       5-6 composition notebooks or spirals


Optional Supplies

·       Lined paper

·       Pencil Sharpener

·       Eraser

·       Ruler

·       Colored markers (8-10 pack)