Vision, Mission and Beliefs


Equity and excellence for all.



The mission of Hilltop Heritage Middle School is to help students realize their
potential by providing rigorous academics, equitable opportunities, and programs that allow for student creativity in a diverse community where all are accepted, valued and supported.



In order to achieve our mission and to become a productive middle school,
members of the Hilltop Heritage School Community believe:

  • All Students want to succeed and can achieve their highest educational goals.
  • Barriers that limit equity and excellence will be removed and/or mitigated.
  • Students and staff feel empowered to explore and grow in a safe, clean, healthy, and stimulating environment where diversity is respected and a spirit of shared ownership flourishes.
  • Students and staff have numerous and varied opportunities to experience academic rigor, leadership development, success, and recognition for their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Educators continuously acquire knowledge about their subject areas and the students with whom they work.
  • Character development is essential and is taught and modeled by all.
  • Students will be prepared to meet the challenges of a rigorous high school curriculum.
Picture of Jason Lee Middle School